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Welcome to Conspiracy Theories

What is going on at the infamous Area 51? Do aliens exist? Are there creatures like Bigfoot stalking the world's remaining wilderness areas? Does the government really have satellites that can manipulate our minds and bodies? These and other questions burn in the collective consciousness of the global culture in the early 21st century. To some, such questions are absurd. Yet there are others that believe without doubt. Then there are those that tread the thin line between skepticism and belief.

Conspiracy Theories serves as an Internet community for topics on the "lunatic fringe" of our age. Here one can find information pertaining to everything from extraterrestrials to suspected government black ops to the supernatural. I hope to attract both skeptics and believers. No matter if you are trying to debunk the existance of beings from other worlds, or trying to prove the existance of a spirit world, our lives are touched by the lore of the unknown every day.

The As Above... section of the site covers those conspiracies and fringe theories concerning outer space and the universe in general. Here you will find information on subjects such as aliens, as well as black holes, the formation or discovery of new planets, and other phenomena.

The ...So Below section deals with all things terrestrial. For information on everything from the JFK assassination to the New World Order and other earthly conspiracies, go there.

Of course, the two areas mingle somewhat when it comes to certain subjects, such as aliens on earth. So I will use my best judgement when it comes to information that is a combination of the two.

Any comments or complaints regarding these sections (or the site as a whole), or anything that you may want to submit for use on the site, e-mail me at Anything submitted to Conspiracy Theories remains the property of the submitting party. You can also go to the site's Forum to join in on the conversations going on in the name of the unexplained.