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As Above...

Here we will deal with all things extraterrestrial. The page consists of two sections:

UFOs and Aliens

Cosmic Phenomena

UFOs and Aliens

One of the greatest questions of the 20th century was "Are we alone in the universe?" Have civilizations developed on other planets? And if so, have they come to Earth? Some believe that we have been visited since prehistoric times. Indeed, still others believe that aliens seeded this planet, sparking the development of the animal kingdom all the way up to human beings.

This section of As Above... is dedicated to the exploration of UFOs, aliens, and all things associated with them. We will take you through all of the levels of close encounters. You will also see how we reach out as a lonely planet to probe the endless depths of space for sentience.

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Cosmic Phenomena

Do black holes exist? Will we soon be threatened by an object such as a comet or asteroid on a collision course with the Earth? What lies at the center of our galaxy?

The second section of As Above... covers the natural wonders of the universe. Here you will find information on pulsars, quasars, nebulae, dwarf stars, and other celestial bodies. This area will also provide info on the ways we use to probe the depths of space, such as the Hubble telescope, probes, and other devices. One will find less scientific methods of stargazing here as well: astrology, for instance.

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