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The Conspiracy Theories Forum

This is where the conspiracy freaks come to gather and banter about the unknown.

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And now for a shameless plug! Be sure and check out the Conspiracy Theories sister site, Paradigm Shifts! There you will find a philosophical exploration of the ever-changing state of global culture. I feel that the two sites are good foils for each other. To me, Conspiracy Theories caters to what I call a "less rational" intellectualism (I love the paradox). Many people that consider themselves "serious thinkers" would avoid it, and may find Paradigm Shifts much more appealing. But then again, there are those who consider the theories of Fritjof Capra (the physicist/philosopher whose musings on culture are the inspiration for the site) to be rather unorthodox. Anyway, if your thoughts begin to tend toward the realm of social theory, please visit Paradigm Shifts by clicking the image to the left!